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Breakdown and Build Anew!

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In September of 2023, Board meetings had become frustrating. Every question we asked the Lord received no answer. Finally, I ask, “Lord, what do you want us to do? What changes do you want?”

I received a vision of a wrecking ball hitting a brick wall: the bricks tumbled into a pile. I sat with the pile and began building something. The Lord spoke clearly, “Break down and build anew.”


Using what the Lord has brought to Agape Christian Fellowship and the Courts of Heaven Academy, we will create one new church. The journey of building anew began in September and continues today as I listen to the Lord about what He wants for His church. It isn’t complete yet, some classes still need to be finished, but the doors of the new church are now open! 


How to Transition to the New Church.

The time for Agape CF and the CoH Academy has passed. It is now time to transition to the new church.


  • The Agape Facebook page and associated groups will be removed by January first.

    • Please join the Online Fellowship group to remain connected

      • Log in with your Academy registration information

      • live videos will be shared there

      • See the video on the Fellowship Connection page to manage notifications.

For future meetings:


  • Please remove (Grad) from your name in Zoom.

  • Log into the new website with your Academy email.

We are not "taking God out of the box," the Lord has said to remove the box! There are more opportunities to contact us for help: 


  • See the “Let’s Chat” appointment. 

  • Intercession is available sooner.


In the Online Christian Church, all group videos will be fully accessible to all.

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Thank You

We just want to take this opportunity to thank you, for being part of Agape CF and the Academy. The Lord has used it to clearly show the needs of His body. I look forward to seeing you in the Online Christian Church!

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