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What Time is it?

Our headquarters are located in Boise, Idaho.


All prayer appointments and events are scheduled in Mountain Time Zone, USA. ​


Compare this with your clock to see what time it is for you!

Pronounced ah-gah-pey 


This is a Greek word that means the God type of selfless love. It was also used to refer to the "love feasts" that the first Christians held before they took communion.

Agape Live Events


Agape Fellowship Meetings are the main "service" to keep you growing in God's ways.

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Join Lynn Hardy for live-streamed meetings

  • Deepen your relationship with Jesus

  • Learn principles for spiritual growth

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Register at the Events page and watch past episodes on the Living WORD page.


Join Elders (mature Christians) who will read Scripture and pray over those attending the meeting 

Find events and register at the Events page.


Come to live classes to learn more about specific topics! Class size is limited, so registration is necessary.

Check the Events page at Agape Christian Fellowship for this month's classes!

Agape Men & Women


There are topics that should only be discussed among the same sex. Look to the Agape Men's and Women's pages to access past videos and connect to future meetings.

Would you like to join the team and be mentored by Agape elders?

  1. Complete the 101-401 courses at the Academy.

  2. Message us and let us know!

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