Courts of Heaven (coh) Academy

This is the Courts of Heaven (CoH) Academy where we are training the Body of Christ to operate and even help others in the Courts of Heaven. The CoH Academy will guide you through the scriptures so that you can grow in the ways of God. It includes the following:

  • Courses organized with classes based around one topic.

  • Training visits to the Courts so you can learn by experience.

  • Receive a CERTIFICATE for completing the training.

Each of the components necessary to function in the Courts is broken down into courses to assure that you understand each piece and are able to build upon what you know. Always sign in before starting a course and use your member name and email for each class. After you have passed all the classes and attended hands on training in the Court appointments of others, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for CoH Academy. 


All of these things are done under the principles of Matthew 10: it is freely given and you can decide what it is worth to you.

Before you can begin the Foundations Course at the CoH Academy you must have a visit to the Courts with our team and become free of the enemy's attacks upon you. After your first visit, we will  send you  the password to the CoH Academy Foundations course.

We recommend that you first complete the 'Hearing from God' classes while you are waiting for your appointment and before starting the COH Academy. There may be some little things in these short classes which will help you hear even more from God!

Before you can take full advantage of all the Courts of Heaven has to offer, you need ​to have a basic level of understanding of God and His ways and what He expects from us.


  • If you haven't really read or understood much of the Bible 

  • If you don't feel like you can hear from the Holy Spirit

  • If you would like to hear more from God


Anyone who would like to enter this course click on the blue button below.  


Once you have visited the courts with us and been placed before the Throne of Grace & Mercy, return here and begin learning about the Courts of Heaven in the following courses:


  • 101 Foundations

  • 201 Remaining Free

  • 301 Receiving Charges

  • 401 Removing Charges

We have teachers' assistants that will look at your answers to make sure you have a good understanding of the information in the class. If more than two questions are incorrect, you will be asked to re-examine the materials in the class and submit a new set of questions. In order to move on to the next course, you will need to successfully complete all classes in that course. 

After all the classes in a course section are completed, you will receive an email with the password for the next course section. If you haven't received a reply in 5-7 days, please let us know.

Here is a video showing how to:

  • Register

  • Login

  • Navigate Classes

  • Submit Answers

The principle things you will need before you begin learning how to operate in the Courts of Heaven. 

There are certain things that God has revealed that cause an attack upon His people. The course explains the biggest area of danger and the key ingredients to a 1st Visit.  

The enemy is forced to reveal all he has against us in this visit. We need to know about our enemy and the way he operates through people. 

Once we receive information about what is against us, we must learn how to overcome it and appropriate all that Jesus has done for us. 

 1st Visit Preparation

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