Courts of Heaven (coh)

This is the Courts of Heaven (CoH) Academy, where we are training the Body of Christ to operate and even help others in the Courts of Heaven. The CoH Academy will guide you through the scriptures so that you can grow in the ways of God. This school includes the following:

  • Courses organized with classes based around one topic.

  • You will have several discussions with elders about the material so that questions can be addressed.

  • Training visits to the Courts so you can learn by experience.

  • Receive a CERTIFICATE for completing the training.


​Each of the components necessary to function in the Courts is broken down into courses to assure that you understand that section and are able to build upon what you know. There are courses based solely on topics and information needed to function in the Courts:

  • 101 Foundations

  • 201 Remaining Free

  • 301 Receiving Charges

  • 401 Removing Charges


These classes must be done in proper order. A password is needed for course selections 201, 301, and 401. When you complete all the classes in the previous section and have had your Discussion with an Elder, the password for the next section will then be given to you.

There are additional courses to help deepen your relationship with God and receive more from the Holy Spirit:

  • 500 Dreams and Visions

  • 600 Roadmap to Heaven (coming soon)


Because these are centered around your relationship with God, you can work at your own pace, so it is up to you when and how you go through each course. Before you can take full advantage of all that the Courts of Heaven has to offer, you need ​to have a basic level of understanding of God and His ways and what He expects from you therefore you will want to participate in all the courses being offered... 

  • If you haven't really read or understood much of the Bible 

  • If you don't feel like you can hear from the Holy Spirit

  • If you would like to hear more from God


In order to operate effectively in the Courts of Heaven we need to be able to hear from our Counselor, the Holy Spirit. If you are not yet operating in the gifts of the Spirit, words of knowledge or wisdom we would like to help you, by recommending the book “Why Doesn't God Speak to Me?” You may want to be reading it while you are waiting for your appointment for your discussion with an elder at the end of each course section at the COH Academy. You can receive a free copy by CLICKING HERE


If you are operating in one of the ministry offices: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher or if you are a prayer warrior intercessor,  harsher attacks from the enemy may be upon you, your children, or your finances. 

We have designed a special course at the Academy to address the cause of the attacks upon those on the front lines in God’s army. These are not extra classes, they are simply the advanced classes which you should have the skills and knowledge to understand before going through the entire Academy so that you can receive relief from attacks. 

After you complete this course, should you choose to continue learning in the CoH Academy, simply skip over these classes for you will have already received credit for them. 

To receive the password for the LTI course, CLICK HERE to contact us or email us at telling us the position you have operated in from the above list.

Starting the Classes


Always sign in with the same email and password you created to log onto the website before starting a course and always use the same member name and email for submitting answers for each class. After you have passed all the classes and discussions for each section, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the CoH Academy. 

We have teachers' assistants that will look at your answers to make sure you have a good understanding of the information in the class. If more than two questions are incorrect, you will be asked to re-examine the materials in the class and submit the answers again. In order to move on to the next course, you will need to successfully complete all classes in that course. 


After all the classes in a course section are completed and you have had your discussion with one of the elders, you will then be given the password for the next course section. 


​All of these things are done under the principles of Matthew 10: 8 it is freely given and you can decide the spiritual value of what you have received.​


At the top of this page is a video showing how to:


  • Register

  • Login

  • Navigate Classes

  • Submit Answers

You should begin reading “Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven” as you start the Academy classes to help you better understand the Courts. Much of the material in the book is not covered in the Academy classes. This is a very short book where you can easily finish a chapter in 10-15 minutes.

Courts of Heaven Courses

The basic principles you will need before you begin learning how to operate in the Courts of Heaven. 

Removing the most common forms of attacks from the enemy revealed to us through the Courts of Heaven

How to receive charges in the Courts. What does it look like when the enemy tries to interfere?

Once we receive information about what is against us, how do we appropriate all that Jesus has done for us. 

Receiving more from God

What is God saying in your dreams? What does it sound like when Satan speaks to us? 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Leaders, Teachers, Intercessors

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