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Agape Kids

Sunday School


Kids ages 2-18 gather on Sundays for Bible teachings led by Miss Bridget. The time changes with the seasons so that kids from around the world can all join the meeting on the free app Zoom. After the lesson, the class will divide up:

Word Games with Miss Bridget

Kids 5-12 will have fun with word puzzles. 

Youth Group

Miss Ashely will help apply the lesson in a deeper way so teens 13-18 years old can begin apply it to their lives.

Find the next Sunday School time on our Events page:



When we have several dreams from our Agape Kids, we will have a special Sunday where Pastor Lynn and Miss Bridget will listen to the Holy Spirit to receive an understanding about what the dreams mean. If you can be there on that Sunday, you can find the meeting on our Facebook kids page: Agape Youth/Sunday School.


Submit your dream in the contact form below:

  • Chick on "Choose an option" under "How can we help you? 

  • Select: "I have a dream." 

  • Fill out all the information fields.


Grace & Mercy

This is an appointment to be placed at the Throne of Grace where you receive mercy from God. If your parents are part of Agape, then most likely they have done this for you. However, If you are in Youth Group, between the ages of 12-18, and your parents are not part of Agape, when you begin the Academy classes, our Sunday School team would be happy to pray with you. 

Chick on "Choose an option" under "How can we help you? 

Select: "I've started the Academy." 

Under "Who needs help" type, my parents are not in Agape.

Fill out the rest of the information.

Soul Healing


If you have had emotionally painful events in your life, you can now schedule a Soul Healing with Miss Bridget & Ashley.

Chick on "Choose an option" under "How can we help you? 

Select: "I would like prayer for a hurt soul." 

Fill out all the information fields.

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We will see you soon!

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