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Agape Ministries is predominately an online fellowship, if you feel led to tithe or make an offering towards the ongoing good works please see the options below to donate. We are not registered as a 501(c)3 to prevent censorship by the government, however donations are still tax deductible according to the US Constitution. For more details, CLICK HERE to read about churches and 501(c)3s.


Lynn leads the church 'Agape Christian Fellowship' and also created under God's direction, a 501(c)3, Agape Assistance Association - an outreach to help homeless families. 100% of online donations received will go to this non-profit organization which supports Agape Christian Fellowship and helps meets the ministries needs.

Ways to Give


Tithes and offerings for the Church are accepted:

  • Without any fees: PayPal 'Express'  for those that have a Paypal Account 

  • With a Credit Card: PayPal or Qgiv

  • Internationally if your country doesn not allow Paypal, you can use Qgiv


If you would like to send a love offering to one of the Elders:


Lydia Boucek - 

Sandra Perreaux - paypal

Lynn Hardy - CLICK HERE or use the drop down menus or comment on Paypal and Qgiv 

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Check (CHEQUE)

Should you feel led to make a separate free will (love) offering to Lynn Hardy, please send cash or check (cheque) to her, Lynn Hardy at:

​Lynn Hardy

PO Box 234

Star, Idaho  83669  USA

International Giving (qgiv)
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One of our team speaks God's word over those who come to this group meeting to bless and strengthen the spirit of God's people. 

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