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You may not need an Agape Prayer appointment right away. The Lord directed the Leader of Agape CF to pray for the body of Christ to be placed before the Throne of Grace where you will receive mercy so that the attacks of the enemy can be lessened while His people learn His ways. The first class at the Courts of Heaven Academy has a teaching about this prayer along with the video recording from the Fellowship Meeting where it was delivered to the body. 

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We have received wonderful testimonies about relief and peace that came into people’s life either right after they agreed with the prayer or shortly after beginning the Courts of Heaven Academy. There was no need to pray this prayer in the Courts of Heaven. We recommend you simply begin the Academy 101 - Foundations course. The first two classes will bring much freedom and allow you to schedule for prayer.


However, you may need prayer right away for:


  • An Emergency Visit


Please read the information in this appointment carefully to see if it applies to your situation. Contact or fill out the form below if you feel you need an emergency appointment after reading the information below.



Unless it is a medical emergency or a life and death situation, the Lord has asked us not to intercede for others until the one requesting an appointment has begun learning God's ways at our free Academy.

  • The FAQs may answer many of the questions you have about this process. CLICK HERE



Because of our tight schedule, there is only a 10 MINUTE GRACE period for late arrivals to appointments. If you are later than 10 minutes, you will need to reschedule. If you do not show up and do not contact us to explain your reason for missing your appointment, you will not be able to schedule again for 60 days.  See the "Helpful Information" at the end of the email confirming your appointment.

Emergency Prayer

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If you feel you have a need for a prayer please contact us at or fill out this form so that we can ask the Holy Spirit how to proceed. Make sure and let us know what the situation is. Please do not attempt to schedule additional visits on your own. Permission and a password is required.

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