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This ministry began when God asked us to start a Facebook page to help others learn about the Courts of Heaven. The first year our small team of seven, visited the Courts more than 2000 times. Since that time, the Lord has established a full church with many events. Here are a few of the testimonies we received from Court Visits, Agape Fellowship meetings, the CoH Academy and visits to the Secret Place

Courts of Heaven (CoH)

Blood Clot in Lungs

Amazing Amazing! Amazing news!!!! We were prayed for on Friday by a wonderful team. We did a courts of Heaven session! During our prayer time, a one of the team saw an angel touching Aaron’s lungs! And again during the session she said she felt that healing was going to begin in the lungs and that something was happening with Aaron’s lungs. 


Holli L.

Breast Cancer

Thank you so much for your teaching. I am free because of your teaching of the Courts of heaven. I now exercise this regularly and I have no cancer any longer and I move in the gift of prophecy stronger and confidently.


Breast cancer that had spread to my lungs and bones. Yes it was last year August I received the all clear and my bones regenerated pretty much straight away.

Love you and Love the work that you and your amazing team do for us. Shalom

Shirley K.

Knee Healed

I had my first visit to courts of heaven yesterday. Filled with gratitude for all those who give so freely of their time to guide and see with us!

I injured my knee a couple of months ago. After re-injuring it last week, I was in quite a bit of pain, unable to bear full weight or straighten my leg. (I went to the orthopedic doctor on Wednesday to talk about surgery) After the time yesterday, I noticed the pain was decreasing. Today, I can walk and it now feels like I’ve been exercising (That good feeling of getting strong!)

Meg W.

Demon Removed

Katrina was one of the first petitioners we took to the Courts of Heaven. She could feel a demon rolling around in her belly every time she prayed like a snake that moved inside her. Jytte and I went to the courts and heard many things which Katrina humbly accepted; she knew they applied to her so she repented, confessed and plead the blood. Then we asked for the cases to be overturned and cast out the demon.


Katrina H.

Financial Breakthrough

I have been fighting social security for years for disability for a back injury I suffered in 2015. I just got a call from my attorney and the judge overturned the decision on my case!!! I can’t stop crying thankful happy tears!!!! I Praise You Lord!! It is not a coincidence that this came after my visits to the COH. God is a just and good Judge! Hallelujah!

Rochelle D.

Pain Removed

I want to talk about my visit to the courts of Heaven for Grace & Mercy... I was in such great pain I could not walk or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time without pain medicine and severe pain. My medicine wore off but wasn't helping. I went to the courts on 4/24 and since then the pain has slowly stopped. I have NOW BEEN WITHOUT ANY MEDICINE FOR 4 days and I have walked bent cooked did housework washed dishes with no pain. i was skeptical I think in some way but I believed Jesus is my healer and when I was told my charges were forgiven and the pain stopped then I realized it had to be an attack of the enemy and now he cannot touch me as long as I stay on the right path . I have learned the COH are very real and very much needed.

Terressa S

Breakthrough for Family

I would like to share that a few interesting little breakthrough have happened since my visit to the Courts... 


I asked the Lord if HE could reveal Himself to my children (I have 4) so little did I know by Wednesday my daughter Mycaela (name means "Who is like God?"). She had wanted to give her life to Jesus and others at the church kids camp prayed for her. She experienced a tingling and peace and joy. I explained to her its Holy Spirit. So that night we asked God to show her a picture in her dream of HIS love for her one that she could draw or paint. Well the next morning when she woke I asked her if she dreamt anything. She said she saw Noah's Ark (Symbolizing Salvation). So she painted what she saw. This was just one breakthroughs. More has happened that has absolutely blown my mind. And would take long to share.. one involves a Gate seen which I saw when i was 14 so 21 years ago. A friend came to visit and had a vision of same gate 3 days ago. I'll post pictures. We serve a mighty God

Emma T.

Typhoid Healed

I began to get sick tired alot and severe pain in my stomach and then i got typhoid and my whole body from my waist to neck was inflamed so pain was severe.  Yesterday at my visit with Lynn and Joyce I got my charges dismissed and Lynn had a vision of an angel being despatched from heaven with a energy drink and I was given that drink to drink and then the angel put his hand in my stomach and pulled out a black blobby creature with many hands or tentacles and it slithered off then a lot of black seeds came out of my stomach which were seeds of bitterness which I got some from my ancestors and some my own. Now I am free and healed of all that stomach pain and I got a lot of energy today. I feel as if i was not sick at all. Praise God and Jesus for healing me and the Holy Spirit for leading us into victory and the courts have made a huge difference for me. Hope this blesses everyone who is looking for healing and deliverance.

Karen M.

Grace & Mercy

I just had my "Grace and Mercy" before the throne of God, and it was amazing. After the Righteous Judge gave a "not guilty and set free" verdict, I felt as if weights were lifted off my shoulders. I also felt so clean, and I felt free. Thank you, Sandra, Joyce, Amy, and Remi for being there for me. I am ready for the academy so that I can continue to know the heart, thoughts of God. I am truly grateful.

Wyvonne S.

Secret Place

CoH Academy

Restored Mind

I am so grateful to the Lord for the CoH academy. Having gone through a few classes this week I can't help but mention that truly the Holy Spirit is our teacher. I felt Him correct the wrong perceptions I had of His word and gave me understanding. My spirit responding better to His word. Each day I feel refreshed and renewed.

My mind is clear and free. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for Lynn and the CoH team for their obedience to His leading. Many people like myself are being led to discovering who our Lord truly is. Our hearts will know His truth and see His goodness, growing and maturing in faith. (Ephesians 4:12-13)

May the Lord grant us all endurance, sow love in our heart that we may always remain in His will until His eternal plan is fulfilled in our lives. I pray the same for everyone still to learn His ways through the academy. May God bless you all my brother and sisters. Stand firm in His truth, our Lord is with us.

Samkele M.

Learning by the Holy Spirit

I first want to thank God for leading Lynn Hardy to form this group and being obedient to the Holy Spirit even when being corrected. I raised in a Charismatic/Pentecostal church, and I have learned more from the classes in the COH academy and this page then I have in 40+ years in the church.

Wyvonne S.

Growing in Discernment

I realized from the Agape Academy a lot more about cursed objects, that I had not really thought about before! I was growing in Discernment..

Sometime ago just before I joined the Agape Fellowship, I  was asked to pray with a girl because she suddenly developed Rheumatoid Arthritis without cause, and was in a lot of pain. As I started to pray I was surprised to hear a voice say cut off her bracelet! I thought I can't do that. The voice was louder and said "Cut Off The Bracelet"!!!

I said to the girl, I'm really sorry but I have to cut off your bracelet. I believe it's blocking your healing! She said do it! I got a pair of scissors, cut the bracelet off and when I did she let out a large scream and was completely healed. I then realized the power of curses on jewelry. Turns out the girl and her two friends had all bought bracelets in Turkey recently. 

I didn't know much about discernment. I used to feel uncomfortable when I was in certain places and around some people that I used to just have to get away from them. Where I live we have a large DYI shop with a garden center attached outside and no matter what I needed, I would go there and used to feel sick; really uncomfortable. I just had to get out so I would escape into the garden area so I could breathe again.

I asked the pastor what it was, why did I feel so ill in certain places etc? He just said "you know on your knower" and that was all. Only after coming to the Academy and doing the classes, did I start to understand what Discernment is. 

About 6 months ago ago, I had a huge decoupage picture on the wall that I loved as it was so colorful (it was 3-foot x 1.5ft). I like many colors. About 15 years ago it was made by my neighbor before I moved. It showed an angel blowing an instrument. I just used to think of Gabriel blowing the horn. For some time, I felt uncomfortable with it but didn't take any notice, I sent the photo to Janine and she advised me to show Lydia. Lydia said "it was very contaminated and it made her feel very sick" and recommended I get rid of it, plus it's an image of an angel and was an idol on my wall. I struggled over letting it go, and had to wait for my son to take it down as it was so large and I couldn't do it myself. 

Two weeks ago, it was taken down and put outside in the bin area, it rained on it and was destroyed so no one could rescue it!  After that my discernment got sharper because of what I had discarded; this picture had been blocking me. I asked the Holy Spirit why was that? He said under the painting were strips of newspaper etc with curses on them!!  

I am growing more & more in discernment and a couple days ago I put on a handmade (not by me) beaded necklace with a big silver colored heart. It's been months or years since I had worn it and I just had to get it off my neck, I couldn't stand it on. I thought it was cursed, so I took it off and immediately felt free, so I cut it up and threw it in the outside bin. I used to make a lot of jewelry so I learned to pray and bless whoever bought my jewelry.

I just want to Praise God for the Academy teachings and thank Lydia for her continual teachings on discernment .

Jennifer T.

Agape Meeting

Child Healed of Fever

I wanted to give a testimony & thank Lynn for praying for my 4 year old son yesterday, at the end of the Tea & Coffee meeting. The fever broke almost immediately. I felt his body temperature decrease as we sat. Within minutes, he was up & about playing with his siblings. Glory to God!

Yonka B.

Feet Straightened

On Tuesday at tea time I asked for prayer for my daughter's feet to be turned out properly. Three different people saw God send an angel going to her to heal her. She was at camp all week. I spent about 2 hours bawling yesterday because I was so overcome with gratitude for the things the Lord has done for us through this ministry.

I picked her up last night. For the first time in her life I saw her walking straight. Praise God. She hadn't even notice. She came come and bathed and then I annointed her feet with oil and we dedicated all the footsteps of her life to the Lord.

My family has been so blessed by God through this ministry. We finally feel free to be who God designed us to be and our hope for the future restored. Thank you to all of the people who give their time to pray and help God's children. I hope the Lord blesses you all!!!!!

Amy C.

Blessed with a Baby

I just wanted to post a picture of a huge blessing in my life the Courts has helped open doors for me during a hard time- Thank you for the prayers and help in the Courts for this precious gift of God

Jenny A.

Secret Place

Breathed on By Jesus

This morning at church while listening to the sermon that was about the Holy Spirit being our climbing partner while going up the mountain...the Lord said close your eyes.

So I did.....I watched as Jesus in all His glory walked over to me and gently put His hands on the sides of my face and blew His breath on me. As He did, I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and tears began to slide down my face. In an instant I was in the secret place. I was in a garden with God, He was sitting on a chair and I was a child on the lap of my Father. I just hugged Him so tightly as He told me over and over how much He loved me and how proud of me He was.


Amy C.

Secret Place

Seeing Jesus

I wanted to share my encounter of the secret place with Jesus. In this encounter yesterday,  I saw myself at the feet of Jesus. I was on my bed and feeling all kinds of emotions. I started to cry and call on Jesus name and give all my worries over to him. I seen myself in the spirit. I was kneeling down at the feet of Jesus. I was crying and worshiping him and then I started to rub his feet and I noticed blood on his feet as I continued to rub them and the tears continued to flow.


Katrina H.

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